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AUGUST HIDES, originally launched in 1999 as a small manufacturer of hair-on cowhide and leather accessories gradually began to capture its share of the market. Having served domestically for about two decades, the company decided back in 2017 to engage in the international market as well in order to build up the list of internationally satisfied valuable clients on its customer portfolio.

In addition to hair-on cowhides & goatskins, our company offers a wide range of cowhide accessories  including patchwork rugs, purses, bags, wallets, table runners, placemats, coasters, cushions and alike. We offer our customers the option to order any custom design of any size in any quantity.

We are involved in all the production processes, beginning from the selection of raw hides till the production of finished products using our highly skilled and technical workers. It helps us to stand out on both quality and price, therefore we are able to provide our customers the premium quality products at the most competitive and incredible prices ever, leading to an increased customer satisfaction.

When there is a production activity, it always leaves us with the responsibility to conform to social, environmental, and health and safety regulations which we always take pride in successfully accomplishing them.

We welcome you to AUGUST HIDES and look forward to you being a family member of our valued clients.

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